Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Help a girl out?

lauren and kevin
lauren and kevin 2

So, I am not really one to ask much for favors. I believe most of this stems from me being an only child and unfortunately there wasn't necessarily always someone there to lend you a hand with things, so I learned to do things for myself. But alas, I digress.

The guy who is standing next to me in the pictures above is one of my closest friends, Kevin. Kevin and I have known each other since our college years and have remained very close ever since. There have been so many "Dolla Burger Wednesdays" at McGee's, awkward and sometimes scary raves, and of course the countless times we spent just enjoying craft beer and watching movies. Today, Kevin's father is having open heart surgery. I am so grateful that Kevin's father was able to notice that something was not right and went to the doctor before he had a heart attack or anything else more serious occurred. But, its still open heart surgery and I'm pretty nervous for my friend. So I am asking you kind people out in the cyber world, if you could please spare a few minutes, seconds, or even just a fleeting moment to think positive thoughts for Kevin's father, it would mean the world to me. Thanks so much and keep thinking positive!


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