Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday Adventure


Last Saturday Angus and I went out for brunch at Vines on Clark for the amazing $5 brunch menu they have. After bloody marys and mimosas, we stopped by Sluggers for some skee-ball and Ms. Pac Man. Finding a classic-type arcade in the city is quite the find as most of these places have long since disappeared and have been replaced by hi-tech "barcades". Playing skee-ball brought back such great childhood memories so I was in heaven. The machines even gave you tickets, so before Angus and I left we cashed in what we had won. I chose a giraffe statue and Angus picked a harmonica that sounded awful. On our way back to Angus' place, we found a park and since it was such a nice day out we decided to go for a swing.

After the the park, we began our long day of returns or should I say Angus' returns. I tagged along as we went from place to place down the Mag Mile trying our best not to get swallowed up by the holiday tourist crowd. After hours of roaming and walking we ended our adventure with some delicious noodles at the Slurping Turtle. All in all, it was a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday in Chicago.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Premiere Night

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So this post is long overdue, but here it is. As some people may know, I've been working on a documentary for over 15 months. The original plan was to edit a film that we could enter into festivals and such. But in September, all of that changed when the Golf Channel decided to air our documentary as a six part mini-series.


In honor of the premiere of the first episode, the stars of the show decided to have a special screening at the Gene Siskel Theater in Chicago. The stars and director of the show made a grand entrance by pulling up to the theater in an RV like the one they drove to Inuvik in, complete with Arctic inspired costumes.


Before the show started, there were drinks, lots of congrats, and a very large cake. All in all, it was a fantastic night. I never expected to hear how excited people were to see something that I had worked on. It really made all the long nights, tears, and work worth it in the end.


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