Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Snapshots from Arizona


This past week I fortunate enough to take a break from my hectic work schedule and jet off to the lovely Phoenix, Arizona. Almost everyone I have talked to begs the questions, "what's in arizona?" To be honest, not much. The area I stay in, Scottsdale, has its fill of malls, movie theaters, and restaurants, not really anything to attract tourists. To me though, the attraction is that it feels like home.

I've been going to Arizona for the past 20 years. My parents eventually want to retire there, and since they haven't reached that point in their life yet, they've always made an effort to visit their "future" home. With that being said, as I drive around I don't get that "touristy" feeling I get when I visit other places. I feel as if I belong here, which is odd because Arizona is nothing at all like Chicago.

All in all in, I had a wonderful time. I got to relax at the spa, saw some dino skeletons, and took a well needed break.


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